MetSeal Super-Therm

Roofing System

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Super-Therm Roofing System

MetSeal Super-Therm Roofing System is a revolutionary method for recycling old asbestos or steel profiled roofs. MetSeal allows the building owner to upgrade or renew the existing profiled roof without the need for disruption.

The process is simple:

  • Clean the roof using a remote cleaning system
  • Spot apply the Unique Resins damp tolerant adhesive
  • Place the pre-shaped insulation sheets in accordance with layout design, using the insulation sheet as a crawl/walk board.
  • Tape joints with thermally stable damp tolerant insutape
  • Spray the topcoat elastomer on top of the insulation to seal the roof for a seamless weatherproof finish
  • Roof guaranteed for 25 years

MetSeal Super-Therm System's unique properties means there is no need for disruption internally to the building. An old fragile roof can be re-used as the basis to a lightweight and environmentally efficient new roof.

The insulation improves the U rating to as low as 0.3. Significantly reducing heating costs both commercially and environmentally.

The roof can be expected to outlast the design life of the building depending on system specifications, alleviating the need to ever spend money on the roof again.

The revolutionary system of forming the insulation allows the insulation sheet to be shaped to almost any profile of roof sheet. Now practically any old unsightly leaking roofs can be refreshed and renewed in keeping with any other building upgrade.

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