MetSeal Rapid

Roofing System

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MetSeal Rapid Cold Applied System

MetSeal Rapid Cold Applied System can be used all year round with temperatures down to -20°C and still cure in just 20 minutes

MetSeal Rapid Cold Applied System is available in a range of colours and can be applied to both flat and pitched roofs and is fully waterproof in just 20 minutes. The system is cold applied so no need for hot works.

Met Seal Rapid Cold Applied System can be applied by brush, roller, squeegee or spray application. This high performance system will still be flexible at temperatures down to -40°C

Features & Benefits

  • Totally seamless
  • Cold applied
  • Fast curing
  • Totally UV stable
  • Can be roller, brush, squeegee or spray applied
  • Simple, fast application
  • A 10 year minimum insurance backed warranty available for larger projects
  • Hydrolysis resistant (and can be permanently immersed)
  • Will adhere to any substrate
  • Very tough & abrasion resistant
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