MetSeal Liquid

Roofing System

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MetSeal Liquid Roofing System

Unique Resins Liquid Roofing System is available in a number of different grades for a number of different roofs.

MetSeal Liquid Roofing for Flat Roofs

For flat roof systems you will need Unique Resins 15, 20 or 25 year base coat, then add Unique Resins reinforcing matt 100gsm for 15 years life or Unique Resins reinforcing matt 225gsm for 25 year life. Finally, apply Unique Resins 15, 20 or 25 year UV topcoat.

MetSeal Liquid Roofing for Pitched Roofs

For pitched roofs you only need to reinforce the joints and overlaps with Unique Resins reinforcing mesh. This system is a cost effective and versatile system for long term waterproofing.

These systems are high build, moisture trigered polyurethane membranes that together form a seamless, durable waterproof coating for all roof types

Features & Benefits

  • Long term systems 15-25 uear life til first maintenance
  • UV resistant - will not embritle and crack in sunlight
  • No hot works
  • Flexible
  • Roller/Brush/Spray application
  • AA fire rating
  • BBA certification
  • No need to strip old roofing - saving time and money
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