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Carpark Decking

The only high performance waterproofing system that fully matches the demanding requirements for carpark decking and can be applied in double quick time.

Unique Resins's carpark decking solution is a high performance, fast-setting waterproofing system that protects concrete, timber, masonry and steel structures from deterioration by water and chloride ions...Read More

Hygienic Floor Coverings

Unique Resins are experts in hygienic and non slip flooring for all aspects of food production and preparation. Our hygienic floor coatings adhere to safety and hygiene standards whilst also meeting the unique demands of food preparation businesses...Read More

Retail & Leisure Flooring

Industrial strength flooring doesn't need to be dull. Unique Resins provide a full range of robust, hard-wearing industrial floor coatings that combine function with form.

Attractive industrial flooring. Our industrial flooring solutions are ideal for retail outlets, supermarkets and department stores. Available in a range of textures and colours your business can enjoy the most contemporary of flooring finishes - that will be built to last...Read More

Balcony Coatings

Unique Resins balcony coatings are versatile, highly durable, slip resistant coating solutions perfect for balconies, walkways and stadiums.

Colourful balcony coatings. Our balcony coverings are available in a full range of colours and finishes. A range of aggregates, including quartz, can also be added to your balcony coating that provides you with a shimmering, non-slip finish that is both functional and decorative...Read More

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