Bund Linings

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Bund Linings

Unique Resins Bund linings are ideal for liquid containment facilities. Our robust coating solutions for bunds ensure your bund will be fit for purpose in the event of a leak or catastrophic failure.

Chemical resistant bund linings. Bunds need to stand up to a range of dangerous liquids. Liquids that are toxic, corrosive, solvent and flammable. Many bunds are buit using concrete and if not coated correctly they can lose their ability to contain fluids due to cracking, chemical erosion or damage. As well as being abrasion resistant, our bund linings are resistant to most liquids including acids, solvents and fuels.

Hard wearing bund linings. Our bund linings are elastomeric, meaning they are designed to flex with the substrate they are applied to. This means that our bund linings are crack and flake resistant as well as being entirely seamless and not prone to degradation from UV rays.

Easy to apply bund linings. Our bund linings can be spray applied in minutes and ready to walk on in seconds. They can be directly applied to a range of substrates including concrete, metal and timber - even whilst damp. All providing you with a fast turnaround and minimum downtime.

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